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The DMT 90 Day Challenge:

The challenge begins on September 2, 2013 and ends December 2, 2013.

This is for DMT members who are absolutely serious about making big money this year.


Challenge details:

Members must make as much money as possible every week for 90 days. 

Each week, members must tally up their income and submit proof of that income to DMT via email.   

With that said, no challenge is complete without a reward :-)

For this challenge, DMT will give rewards to members for showing proof of their weekly income!

DMT 90 Day Challenge Income Goals List:

Level 1 - $50 per week - 5 text ads
Level 2 - $50 - $500 per week - Free image ad
Level 3 - $500 - $750 per week - 5 pre qualified leads
Level 4 - $750 - $1,000 per week - 100 free business cards
Level 5 - $1,000 + per week - Three 45 minute personal training sessions

Every week the prizes will be updated.

You may win the same prize as many times as you wish.

DMT 90 Day Challenge Worksheet - Click here to download

Members must abide by the rules below to receive weekly prizes: 

1) Members must email their paypal payments and/or bank deposits.
2) Must send proof of income to 90daychallenge@dailymoneyteam. org or post to Facebook with the subject line being "proof pics"
3) Pictures must show date AND network that sent payment.
4) Prizes will be delivered on Sunday after level is confirmed.
5) Weekly deadline runs from Monday till Saturday, pictures must be submitted by Saturday at midnight or they will not count.

If you join the challenge and stick to it, you will see a difference in your bank account, GUARANTEED! 

Lets do it family.

DMT - Beyond The Limits